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Real Estate Buyer’s Agents

We provide the safest and most effective way to buy Dominican Republic real estate. Whether you’re looking into real estate in the Dominican Republic, properties for personal enjoyment or investment purposes, you want someone standing by your side that understands the market and your interests.

A Dominican Republic Real Estate Buyer’s Agent (CORCONS) acts as an exclusive buyer’s representative. We have no listings and nothing to sell. Simply stated:

We just help you buy Real Estate in the Dominican Republic safely and easily!

Our primary objective is to use our knowledge and experience regarding life in the Dominican Republic along with safe and sound business practice to assist our clients in locating and acquiring the Dominican Republic real estate they desire. We offer professional assistance throughout the entire purchase process, as well as after the sale. As a result, our clients are afforded the highest quality of service and peace of mind. Our services include but are not limited to:

Using an exclusive buyer’s agent offers many benefits wherever you’re purchasing real-estate, however when purchasing Dominican Republic real estate, the benefits are even more significant. Buying your dream property in the Dominican Republic should be one of your best experiences, however without the proper due diligence, it could become a nightmare. Obtaining an exclusive buyers’ agent with 100% dedication to you is a pre-requisite for assuring a pleasant beginning of owning your place in the sun.

Corcons is not only a awesome immigration assistance.

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